My Review for Purchasing Cheap Cymbalta – $0.67 Per Pill

Intro image for article reviewIf you’re hunting for the best place to buy Cymbalta online cheap, then you’ve come to the right place. I spent hours looking around for the most reliable place to purchase cheap Cymbalta (both name brand and generic Duloxetine), and found the best place was at Planet Drugs Direct.

This webpage is a review of my experience ordering through them. If you don’t feel like taking the time to hear about my experience, and are ready to just order now, you can just click the link over to the right, and it will take you straight there, where you can get pricing info on both name brand Cymbalta as well as generic.

Otherwise, read on for my full review.

Review for Planet Drugs Direct – By far the best place to buy Cymbalta online at a cheap price!

When it comes to making a purchase online, I feel that it’s important to take the time to research any company that I’m considering making a purchase from (especially when purchasing something like medication). So that’s exactly what I did, and I hope that my findings are helpful to you as well.


When checking prices for Cymbalta at my local drug stores, I found pricing to be around $225+ for a 30 day supply (good grief!!). Granted, health insurance would lower the cost somewhat, but at the end of the day that is a lot of money!

Because of this, I turned my search to the internet to see if I could do better….and found MUCH better pricing. Though there were multiple places that had competitive pricing, one of the cheapest places to buy Cymbalta that I found was Planet Drugs Direct. Here is a breakdown of their pricing at the time of this writing (they also offer different mg, and higher supply amounts as well):

Picture of 2 namebrand boxes

Cymbalta 60mg Namebrand Boxes

Name Brand Cymbalta – 84 Capsules
30mg – $137 ($1.63 per capsule)
60mg – $221 ($2.63 per capsule)

Generic Cymbalta – 100 Capsules
30mg – $67 ($0.67 per capsule)
60mg – $96 ($0.96 per capsule)

The generic version is even cheaper. (At the time of this writing, you can’t purchase the generic version in the United States, though it should be available sometime in 2013). So if you go the generic route, you’ll save even more money.

Research Time!

At that point I had found a promising place to purchase….and it was time to do some research on the actual company. Searching around, reviews were definitely favorable. The only occasional complaint that I saw dealt with speed of shipping (my experience is below). But being that this is a Canadian-based company, I wasn’t exactly expecting “overnight delivery”, so it wasn’t a huge deal. Especially when the pricing is so good….not to mention that they do Free Delivery!

One HUGE advantage of ordering from Planet Drugs Direct is that they have a vast amount of product offerings…and even more importantly, they (most of the time) offer both generic AND name brand drugs. To me this was a big deal, as having the option of choosing generic or brand name is important. Also, in my opinion this adds to the legitimacy of the business. A lot of the other companies I looked at did not offer anything except generics, and it makes me wonder exactly how legit they are.

Website/Ordering Process

Planet Drugs Direct Website Pic

Picture of the Planet Drugs Direct Website

I was very impressed with their website, and how easy it was to buy Cymbalta online through it. The web design is clean, and more importantly, easy to navigate. They have a handy search bar right on the front page that made it easy to search for Cymbalta (or any other drugs you are looking for), and it took me right to the correct page.

From there, they use simple drop-down boxes that let you see the selection available (and pricing) of both name brand Cymbalta as well as the generic version. It really doesn’t get much easier than this.

Being a new customer, I had to create a new account, but it was a painless process. Payment was easy as well. They offer quite a few different options: credit card, wire transfer, mailed check and even an international money order!

**Don’t forget that you will have to send then a copy of your prescription (again, this shows me that this is a legit business).

Customer Service/Communication

Planet Drugs Direct offers a variety of ways to communicate with them, which I found impressive. You can reach them on the phone via 2 different toll-free numbers, email, fax, and even web chat.

I didn’t get a chance to call them, so I can’t comment on that, but I did email a few questions and got responses back the same day. I also did a quick web chat and had a helpful rep answer a couple questions there as well.

All in all, Customer Service and Communication was flawless for my order.

Speed of Delivery/Product Condition on arrival

After ordering, it took about 2 weeks for my order to arrive. Granted, not the speediest delivery in the world, but to be fair, it’s not like I ordered a toy from a local company. We’re talking about Prescription Drugs that were shipped from another country. You darn well better believe that US customs thoroughly checks out these type of deliveries (as they should), and slows things down….I was actually surprised that they came as fast as they did.

I think a good general rule of thumb when you buy Cymbalta online (or any other drug for that matter), is to make sure that you order at least 20-30+ days out, just to be on the safe side.

As far as packaging goes, everything was fine. The Cymbalta was packaged securely, and discretely.


Overall, I was very pleased with Planet Drugs Direct. Between great savings, good communications, (relatively) reasonable shipping times, and a website that is easy to navigate and order from, it is easy to see why they are one of the more popular suppliers of discount prescription medications out of Canada. If you’re looking to buy Cymbalta online at a great price, you should definitely head over there (link below) and check them out.
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